The Olympic Peninsula's only helicopter
flight school located at the Bremerton
National Airport in Bremerton Washington.

We provide helicopter flight training from
private to CFI, in one of the country's most
beautiful and challenging locations for
helicopter training.

From majestic Mt. Rainier and Mt. St.
Helens to the Pacific Ocean. The Bremerton
Washington area provides for varied flight
training environments, from mountainous
tree-covered confined area landings to wide
open fields.

Western Washington also provides a
different flight training experience due to its
diverse weather, giving the student the real
world experience they won't get in
temperate states that can only simulate
adverse conditions.

This is one of the few places you can do a
confined landing in the forest and then go fly
to the beach for a burger.
Take the controls
yourself in a demo flight
for only $100!  
Have you always wanted
to take a ride in a
helicopter, or learn to fly
one yourself? For only
$100 you can get a great
introduction into being a
helicopter pilot!

Our introductory lesson

Brief Ground Instruction
Overview of Helicopter
1/2 hour of flight training  
you take the controls
To schedule a flight, give
us a call at (360)
674-2001 and we'll set it
up at your earliest
Enter starting street address:

City, State or Zipcode:
Peninsula Helicopters Northwest
is located downstairs in the
terminal building of Bremerton
National Airport.

8850 S.W. State Hwy 3
Suite 2
Port Orchard, WA. 98367
We can help you get your flight training career started with
financial aid to qualified applicants and also provide
subsidized housing for those that come from out of the area.
Pilot Shortage
Peninsula Helicopters Northwest * 8850 S.W. State Hwy 3 * Port Orchard, WA. 98367 *360-674-2001